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2019 Apparatus:
XL Classic Engine

Earlier Apparatus:
Sixby Mini
CD-I Export Engine
Pump Under Cab Engine
UTV (Urban Type 5) Engine
Logical Rescue Engine
Type 2 Engine
Gopher Wildland Engine
Type 6 Engine (Wildland)
Coyote Pumper
MPX Mini Pumper
1500 Gallon Water Tender
Type 5 Engine (Wildland)
Brush Buggy
Converted Bread Truck

Apparatus Archive:
2005-2006 2003-2004
2001-2002 1999-2000
1997-1998 1996

Sixby Fire Tech: 1998-2006
Lego Fire Tech: 1975-1997

Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Eric S. McDonald Memorial Page


Sixby Fire was the first LEGO six wide fire apparatus builder on the internet. Our Sixby Pumper was made public on October 30th, 1997. It was the first ever six wide fire apparatus built for conventional fire departments that was displayed on the internet. I had previously built many six wide fire apparatus in the mid 70's when that was the standard non-minifig scale of LEGO sets. LEGO set number 374 is one good example of these older sets. The first ever web site dedicated to the display of LEGO fire trucks was my old site, Lego Fire Tech. It was first uploaded on November 3rd, 1996.

Since the early days Sixby Fire has always built minifig scale fire apparatus. The problem is minifig scale fire apparatus can vary in size from 4 studs wide, the more commonly used 6 studs wide, or even up to 8 studs wide. Sixby Fire now builds fire apparatus that are not only minifig scale, but are also minifig compatible. Minifig compatible is a term we coined to describe fire apparatus that can actually be used by the minifigs that operate them. Our goal is to build 100% minifig compatible fire apparatus, however, due to the limitations of the design of the minifig, this isn't always possible, but it's a goal we're always trying to achieve.

This site was featured as the Cool LEGO Site of the Week for December 15-21, 1996.

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