Type 6 Engine
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Year Introduced:

Length - 17 studs
Height - 8 bricks to top of extended antenna
Width - 10 studs to outside of mirrors

Pump Specifications:
250 gpm PTO (Power Take Off)
Pump and Roll capable
Around the pump foam proportioner
2.5" intake on rear
1" discharge for booster reel
1.5" discharge for the attack line
All discharges capable of foam discharge

Tank Capacity:
300 gallons

Foam System:
20 Gallon Class A Foam Cell
100 CFM compressor for CAFS

28" preconnected attack line
38" booster reel
14" supply line

In Cab Storage
First Aid Kit
Exterior of Apparatus
2.5 gallon water fire extinguisher
20 pound ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher
Shovel and broom
Hydrant wrench
Driver's Side Compartments
Circular saw
Gas Can (for Circular Saw)
Officer's Side Compartments
Small hammer, screwdriver, and open ended wrench
Axe, Sledgehammer, and Forcible Entry Tool

The Type 6 Engine is four wheel drive to allow it to access all but the most remote locations. This version of the Type 6 Engine was originally designed around hundreds of similar vehicles used by a certain state's forestry fire division, with a few Sixby Fire modifications. Some interesting features are extinguisher storage built in to the rear step area and a pump pressure gauge mounted on the rear of the apparatus. When using the PTO pump changes in pressure are regulated by the vehicle's throttle. Having a pressure gauge on the rear helps when the vehicle is not pumping and rolling when someone might not be in the cab to watch the RPM's. There are handholds on each side of the apparatus and two on the rear. There is also an open step area to the rear of the cab to allow your minifigs to step up to reach the booster reel.

The Type 6 Engine is an ideal brush apparatus for large or small departments. With it's 250 GPM pump capacity and Compressed Air Foam System could even be used as a first attack apparatus on structure fires. It could also be used as a first responder piece for smaller fires and medical aid calls. If some equipment was removed it could carry a full compliment of ALS/Paramedic gear.

We have built many Type 6 Engines over the years and this is our latest version. We are proud to offer this new Type 6 Engine to you!

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