History - Lego Fire Tech
This site is NOT an official LEGOŽ web site, really it's not.

Sixby Fire Tech was originally known as Lego Fire Tech, it was incorporated in the mid 70's, but was not officially named until much later. Lego Fire Tech was in continous operation until the early 80's, when the owner retired. Lego Fire Tech's equipment and stocks were sold at that time. The owner missed his business so much that he reorganized and restarted Lego Fire Tech in 1990. The company enjoyed continued success. In 1996 the Lego Fire Tech web site was launched. At the time it was the only web site on the internet dedicated to LEGOŽ fire apparatus. In fact, it was the only LEGOŽ fire apparatus web site for nearly a year until the first LEGOŽ Fire Department appeared online, Mikesville, though it would not be the last. By this time in 1997 a change came when they started to concentrate on apparatus six studs wide, and in 1998 the name was changed to Sixby Fire Tech to reflect this new style of building.

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