Sixby Mini
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2017 - On the 20 year anniversary of the Sixby Pumper!

Length - 19 studs
Height - 8 bricks to top of extended antenna
Width - 10 studs to outside of mirrors
Wheelbase - 12 studs

Electronic Shift On-the-Fly four wheel drive
Enhanced LED warning light package
Paramedic Ready
SatCom/GPS/WiFi Enabled

Pump Specifications:
New Hydrostatic powered "HYPER" Pump
HYPER = HYdrostatic + PrEssuRe
Capable of producing:
160 GPM at 600 psi
240 GPM at 300 psi
320 GPM at 150 psi
Around the pump foam proportioner
Two 2.5" intakes on pump panel
Two 2.5" discharges on pump panel
Two 1" discharges for booster reels
2" rear discharge for the attack line
2" front discharge for the bumper line
2" front discharge for the bumper turret

Water Tank Capacity:
300 gallons

Foam System:
10 Gallon Class A Foam Cell

28" preconnected attack line
Two 38" booster lines on reels
Two 14" supply lines
12" bumper mounted booster style attack line
Bumper turret is "Gorter style" water monitor
(Bumper turret is remote controlled from the cab)

10 kW Hydrostatic Generator
Four telescopic light towers

In Cab Storage
Axe and Halligan Bar
Two Portable Radios
Two flashlights
Exterior of Apparatus
5 gallons of drinking water in cooler
Hydrant wrench
Double male hose adapter
Double female hose adapter
Two section Extension Ladder
2.5 gallon Water Extinguisher
20 lb ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher
Top Mounted Equipment Box
Bag of absorbent
Hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and adjustable wrench
Driver's Side Compartment
Four SCBA bottles
Bolt cutters
Officer's Side Compartment
Medical Kit
Drug Box
Oxygen Bottle

The Sixby Mini was introduced on the 20th anniversary of the original six wide pumper, the Sixby Pumper. The Sixby Mini is similar to our MPX but with many improved features, including lighting and technological improvements, along with being equipped for structure fires or paramedic calls. Its small size means it is highly maneuverable in any LEGOŽ City setting.

Some of the new features of the Sixby Mini are the built in SatCom/GPS/WiFi capabilities, improved mirrors with built in warning lights, an under ladder mount storage area, a bumper mounted booster style attack line, side facing bumper mounted warning lights, and a bumper mounted "Gorter style" water monitor for "pump and roll" operations. One feature usually not seen on any Sixby Fire apparatus are preconnected attack or booster lines have been placed on all four sides of the apparatus.

The two person crew of the Sixby Mini can safely attack a wide variety of fires or respond an ALS/Paramedic unit or it can handle minor rescue calls and public assists without tying up a full size engine company. Please note the photos were taken during apparatus testing before Sixby Fire logos or license plates were applied.

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