Pump Under Cab (PUC) Engine
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Year Introduced:

Length - 19.5 studs
Height - 7.66 bricks to top of extended antenna
Will clear a 7.33 brick tall overhang/bridge
Width - 4 studs
Wheelbase - 9 studs

Pump Specifications:
1000 GPM Capacity
Capable of Producing:
1000 GPM @ 150 psi
700 GPM @ 200 psi
500 GPM @ 250 psi
Balanced pressure foam proportioner
Two 3" intakes on pump panel
Two 2.5" discharges on pump panel
1" discharge for booster reel
2" discharge for the attack line
3" discharge for the deck gun
High flow tank to pump piping

Water Tank Capacity:
300 gallons

Foam System:
10 Gallon Class A Foam Cell

28" preconnected attack line
38" booster line on reel
Two 14" supply lines
Deck gun is "Gorter style" water monitor

10 kW PTO (Power Take Off) Generator
Elevating light tower on cab roof
Water level lights on side of cab roof
Lights decrease in 100 gallon increments

In Cab Storage
Portable Radio
Two SCBA Bottles
Exterior of Apparatus
5 gallons of drinking water in cooler
Hydrant wrench
Double male hose adapter
Double female hose adapter
Shortened two section Extension Ladder
2.5 gallon Water Extinguisher
20 pound ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher
Left Side Compartments
Pump Panel
Medical Kit
Oxygen Bottle
Right Side Compartments
Small hammer, wrench, and screwdriver
Hand Saw
Bag of absorbent
Axe and Crowbar

The Sixby Fire Pump Under Cab Engine (a.k.a. the PUC Engine) has been designed from the ground up to be our most complete minifigure compatible four wide fire apparatus to date. As six wide fire apparatus grow larger and larger, such apparatus can no longer fit into the standard fire stations that are currently being built. In addition many of the cities and towns being built are being built with smaller streets, making the navigation of larger six wide fire apparatus difficult. While many of these cities and towns now have lots of trucks that are six wide in them, those six wide trucks are all still relatively compact lengthwise. Our PUC Engine is less than 20 studs long and has a wheelbase of only 9 studs, making it compact and maneuverable in any small city or town, but yet it is fully equipped for response to medical emergencies and fires alike.

The PUC Engine is based upon the many requests we got to build an apparatus similar to another manufacturer where the pump is under the cab. They call their apparatus the PUC also, but it stands for something else, Pretty Ultimate Concept or Previously Used Configuration or something like that. Most cities and towns would be well served by two PUC Engines working together, making a full company of four firefighters with 600 gallons of water, 2000 GPM pump capacity, and 188" of hose available to them. Buying two PUC Engines is still cheaper than buying one large custom six wide rig, even when you include maintenance and fuel costs. In addition each PUC Engine can operate on its own at smaller fires, medical emergencies, and service calls, which when you're running a single larger six wide rig, your entire company is committed on all calls.

So is Sixby Fire going to start making four wide apparatus again on a regular basis? Well, all that depends on the demand. Stay tuned!



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