History - Sixby Fire Tech
This site is NOT an official LEGOŽ web site, really it's not.

In 1998 Lego Fire Tech was officially changed to Sixby Fire Tech and they began to concentrate on buliding six wide fire apparatus, starting a worldwide trend which has lasted to this day. After many years of building only six wide fire apparatus, not counting a few four wide support vehicles, Sixby Fire Tech built two four wide fire apparatus, an engine and a rescue pumper. For many years I was aware of a company called Fire Tec, which is a used fire apparatus broker. They have had an online presence even before Lego Fire Tech was started back in 1996. To avoid confusion, and any possible future legal troubles with Fire Tec, I chose to change the name of this web site to just Sixby Fire, which is pretty much what most people call us anyway.

What is Sixby anyways? Back in 1997 when I was building a six wide pumper I was calling it a six by, as in it's six studs by 19 studs. Eventually I put the "six" and the "by" together for the name Sixby, pronounced "six-bee", not "six-bye". Sixby also has the ring of Silsby to it. Silsby was a steamer manufacturer back in the late 1800's. So Sixby is also a tip of the hat to all those manufacturers who came before us.

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