Brush Buggy
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Year Introduced:

Length - 12 studs
Height - 7 bricks
Width - 6 studs

Pump Specifications:
25 gpm high pressure PTO (Power Take Off)
Pump and Roll capable
Around the pump foam proportioner
1" discharge for booster reel

Tank Capacity:
125 gallons

Foam System:
5 Gallon Class A Foam Cell

38" booster reel

Two flashlights
First Aid Kit
Portable Radio
Axe and Sledgehammer
2.5 gallon water fire extinguisher
20 pound ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher
5 gallons of drinking water in cooler
Two shovels
Circular saw

The Brush Buggy is an improved version of an earlier Sixby Fire apparatus. The Brush Buggy features four wheel drive and an impressive 55 degree angle of approach and departure. It is not rated for 55 degree climbing or decent, but this steep angle will prevent damage to the frame or body when in extreme off road conditions.

The Brush Buggy has a small water tank, however, it's Class A foam system and high pressure/low gpm pump will help stretch the limited amount of water carried. The Brush Buggy does not have a Compressed Air Foam System, but one could probably be added with the reduction of the size of the booster tank. It makes an ideal first response piece for grass or brush fires or anywhere where access to the fire could be a problem, including inside industrial plants as part of an industrial fire brigade. When operated with our other apparatus, the Brush Buggy can go into limited access areas to fight the fire directly while other apparatus create fire lines to surround the fire and to refill the Brush Buggy's booster tank so it can continue to battle the flames. The Brush Buggy's booster reel can be operated by the seated minifigs, making pump and roll operations safer then walking alongside or riding on the rear of the apparatus.

The Brush Buggy has been around in various forms since 2001 and we are now proud to offer you this improved version!

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