UTV (Urban Type 5) Engine
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Year Introduced:

Length - 21.5 studs
Height - 8 bricks to top of extended antenna
Width - 10 studs to outside of mirrors
Wheelbase - 13 studs
Note: 6 stud wide cab with 7 stud wide body

Pump Specifications:
New Hydrostatic powered "HYPER" Pump
HYPER = HYdrostatic + PrEssuRe
Capable of producing:
80 GPM at 600 psi
120 GPM at 300 psi
160 GPM at 150 psi
Around the pump foam proportioner
3" intake on pump panel
2.5" discharge on pump panel
Two 1" discharges for booster reels
2" discharge for the attack line

Water Tank Capacity:
375 gallons

Foam System:
25 Gallon Class A Foam Cell

28" preconnected attack line
Two 38" booster lines on reels
14" supply line

10 kW Hydrostatic Generator
Two Telescopic light towers

In Cab Storage
Axe, Sledgehammer, and Crowbar
Two Portable Radios
Two flashlights
Exterior of Apparatus
5 gallons of drinking water in cooler
Hydrant wrench
Double male hose adapter
Double female hose adapter
Shortened two section Extension Ladder
Pike pole
Driver's Side Front Compartment
SCBA Mask and two SCBA bottles
Driver's Side Rear Compartment
2.5 gallon Water Extinguisher
20 lb ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher
Medical Kit
Oxygen Bottle
Middle Compartment - accessible from either side of rig
Jaws of Life
Jaws of Life Power Unit
Jaws of Life Hydraulic Cable
Officer's Side Front Compartment
SCBA Mask and two SCBA bottles
Shovel and Broom
Officer's Side Rear Compartment
Small hammer, two wrenches, and screwdriver in toolbox
Two pieces of cribbing
Bag of absorbent

The Sixby Fire UTV (Urban Type 5) Engine has been designed from the ground up to be our most minifigure compatible apparatus to date. Some of those details include running boards under the cab, the "step up" notches on the front of the body for booster reel access, and the newly redesigned rear steps and grab bar to reach the top of the apparatus to reload hose or to remove the extension ladder. The UTV Engine is a good first response apparatus when manpower is limited or when apparatus size is an issue. The UTV Engine would likely be classified as a "squad" or "light duty rescue" in most urban or suburban departments since it carries structural firefighting equipment, vehicle extrication tools, and an expanded selection of Basic Life Support supplies.

The UTV Engine features our new HYPER (HYdrostatic + PrEssuRe) pump with digital pump controls. A PTO (Power Take Off) from engine powers a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic lines from the hydraulic pump run to the water pump at the rear of the apparatus. This allows pump and roll capability since the hydraulic pump, while run off the PTO, doesn't have it's output directly related to engine RPM like pumps powered directly off a PTO do. The 10kW hydrostatic generator is run the same way, and again, it can be run while the vehicle is in motion.

The UTV Engine is built on our own medium duty engine forward custom chassis. Our light duty engine forward chassis is the one used on our MPX and Type 6 Engines, while our heavy duty engine forward chassis is used on our Gopher and Type 5 Wildland Engines and our 1500 Gallon Water Tender. We have some plans on using our cab over engine custom chassis on future apparatus too, however, due to the economy, orders of custom fire apparatus, which is the only thing we build, have been on the decline. The UTV Engine has been on the drawing board for many years and is our first newly designed apparatus since 2011.

All areas of the Sixby Fire UTV Engine are minifigure compatible!

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