Converted Bread Truck
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Year Introduced:

Length - 18 studs
Height - 9.33 bricks to top of extended antenna
Width -10 studs to outside of mirrors

10 kW PTO Generator
Twin Telescopic Lights on rear
Three scene lights on each side

First Aid Kit
CO/Gas Detector
2.5 gallon water fire extinguisher
20 pound ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher
Two Class D (Metl-X) extinguishers
55 Gallon Drum of Absorbent
Two Rescue Ropes
Spare Tire
Shovel and Broom
Large Wrench
Axe, Sledgehammer, and Forcible Entry Tool
Three Traffic Cones
Tool Box
Two flashlights
Two 5 gallon containers of Drinking Water
Cordless Drill
Small hammer, screwdriver, and open ended wrench
Hydrant Wrench
Jaws of Life with Power Unit

Our Converted Bread Truck is just that, an old Bread Truck converted into a Rescue Vehicle. The equipment list shown is how one department wanted it equipped. This apparatus can in fact be converted into a variety of support vehicle roles. Haz-Mat, Decon, Water Rescue, Dive Team, Command Post, Canteen, Salvage, just to name a few. The open rear cargo area allows for almost limitless possibilities.

If there is one drawback, it is that the Converted Bread Truck only has a single seat, so unless other seats were added in the rear area, you are limited to responding this apparatus with only a single firefighter. This may not be a problem for a vehicle that normally provides a support role at incidents, but it must be taken into consideration. Still, the fact remains that you could buy an SUV to carry personnel (or use an old Battalion Chief's Buggy) and our Converted Bread Truck, and together they would still cost you tens of thousands less then a full size custom Heavy Duty Rescue.

This vehicle is ideal for large departments as an apparatus that can fill various support roles, or for smaller departments who need to carry rescue gear, but can't afford custom apparatus.

Our Converted Bread Truck was first thought up many years ago, but has only been in the actual design stages since 2007. We are now proud to offer it to you!

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