Logical Rescue Engine
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Year Introduced:

Length - 21 studs
Height - 9 bricks to top of extended antennas
Width - 10 studs to outside of mirrors

Pump Specifications:
1000 gpm @ 150 psi
Pump powered by PTO for pump and roll
Around the pump foam proportioner
6" intake on pump panel
6" intake on front bumper
Two 2.5" discharges on pump panel
1" discharge for booster reel
Two 2" discharges for the attack lines
3" piping to roof turret
All discharges foam capable
In cab pump panel for roof turret/booster reel

Tank Capacity:
500 gallons

Foam System:
50 Gallon Class A Foam Cell
200 CFM compressor for CAFS

Two 28" preconnected attack lines in rear compartments
38" booster reel inside body, exits at front bumper
Two 14" supply lines
28" supply line
Remote operated 500 gpm roof turret

25 kW PTO Generator
Elevating light tower
Four Telescopic light towers
Two scene lights on each side of apparatus
Water level lights on each side of cab roof

In Cab Storage
Axe, Sledgehammer, and Crowbar
Two Portable Radios
Two SCBA masks
Two SCBA bottles
Two flashlights
Exterior of Apparatus
5 gallons of drinking water in cooler
Two hydrant wrenches
Double male hose adapter
Double female hose adapter
Driver's Side Front Compartment
2.5 gallon Water Extinguisher
20 lb ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher
Hand Saw
Cordless Drill
Small hammer, wrench, and screwdriver
Driver's Side Middle Compartment
Jaws of Life
Jaws of Life Power Unit
Jaws of Life Hydraulic Cable
Driver's Side Rear Compartment
28" preconnected attack line
Officer's Side Front Compartment
Medical Kit
Oxygen Bottle
Officer's Side Middle Compartment
Two spare SCBA bottles
Bag of Absorbent
Shovel and Broom
Officer's Side Rear Compartment
28" preconnected attack line
Rear Compartment above Pump Panel
Shortened two section Extension Ladder
Two pike poles
Two pieces of cribbing
Axe, Sledgehammer, and Wrench/Prybar

The Logical Rescue Engine is our latest creation combining an engine and rescue into a single unit. It is our first use of two items supplied by an outside vendor, the hand saw, and more importantly, the crowbar. Finally there is a forcible entry tool that can stand up to the abuse the minifigs put on them. All new rigs from Sixby Fire from this point forward will be equipped with the crowbar made by BrickForge, our own custom forcible entry tool is being retired.

The Logical Rescue Engine can carry 4 minifigs in its fully enclosed cab where they can mask up and exit with tools, flashlights, and radios. In the side compartments the Jaws of Life are easily accessible as is the medical gear. A ground ladder and pike poles, along with other tools and cribbing are stored in a compartment over the pump panel. The Logical Rescue Engine's roof turret can rotate 360 degrees as can the roof mounted light tower. On the sides of the rig there are telescopic light towers along with built in scene lights and warning lights and there are water level lights mounted above the cab.

In the cab is a small pump panel for the roof turret and booster reel. Car fires and other nusiance fires can be quickly knocked down by the roof turret controlled by the appratus operator safely seated in the cab, while other firefighters stretch the booster reel to mop the fire up. In heavy traffic conditions the pump operator does not need to place himself in danger at the rear of the apparatus. Should a bigger line be needed, a preconnected attack line can be pulled from either of the rearmost compartments. If the rig is blocking a busy roadway the line opposite the flow of traffic can be pulled, this was done to keep the minifigs out of harms way.

Overall the Logical Rescue Engine was designed for safety, ease of operation, and maneuverability. This rig's wheelbase is an astonishingly short 9 studs.

The Logical Rescue Engine is designed for urban or rural departments who need a maneuverable rescue engine with a Compressed Air Foam System. The CAFS can expand the 500 gallons of water into well over 2000 gallons of expanded Compressed Air Foam. Compressed Air Foam can be flowed through any of the discharges, including the roof turret, all while in pump and roll or stationary pumping modes. Since the Logical Rescue Enginer carries 50 gallons of Class A foam, this is enough to treat 10 full water tanks at a 1% foam mixture.

The Logical Rescue Engine has been on the drawing board in one form or another for many years. The basic layout is that of the MPX, but with a custom cab and expanded compartments. The name started as an acronym, LOREN, for LOgical Rescue ENgine. Two reasons. One, the layout of the rig is very logical, with no wasted space. Second, and more importantly, the name Loren comes from a coworker's girlfriend who most generously donated two boxes of LEGO sets from the 80's and 90's to Sixby Fire, many of which were town sets. A few of the pieces she donated were actually used in the construction of the Logical Rescue Engine. No amount of thanks would be sufficient, so I named a rig after her.

Thanks again Loren!

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